Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2 minute healthy caramel (vegan)

My favourite chocolate filling is praline/any type of nut (sorry if you're allergic. Well, I'm not sorry it's my favourite but...... Sorry my friend).
Just in case anyone wants to buy me chocolate for any reason, I thought I should put that out there.
But caramels good too. So sweet. Soooooo goooooey. So indulgent.
Unfortunely it's also a mixture of butter and sugar so it really isn't in the healthy eating spectrum.
Or is it?
The likes of Ella Woodward have taught us that nothing is impossible, with their incredible concuctions that bear an uncanny likeness to real caramel (often featuring dates). But I have two problems. Problem one- I don't have a blender. And that makes these concuctions a teeny bit harder to achieve. Problem two- I don't have patience. At all. I want that caramel, I eat that caramel, forget soaking and blending dates.
So this is a recipe that does not take that time. Or that effort. And while it may be less uncanningly similar to the real deal, it's still pretty darn good.
I made his originally just as a topping for ice cream when nothing else was in the cupboards. But I then discovered that this topping was no ordinary topping- it was a caramel deliciousness.
I then proceeded to smother it over everything. Cakes, more ice cream, toast (maybe not the best example) brownies, pancakes, puddings, EVERYTHING (even toast- not sure about that one).
It takes two ingredients and under two minutes. So go and defrost that ice cream/grab that last brownie-that-the-whole-family-wants!

Ingredients: (makes one portion of topping. Multiply to make more. See, maths is useful)
2 tablespoons of peanut butter (I usually use meridian crunchy)
1 tablespoon of mayple syrup (other sweeteners work but this ones the best)

Mix and devour

Not too hard was it?